28 Sep 2007

Huisgenoot 1916

Read HERE on my Wordpress-blog everything about Huisgenoot...there are images and a link to the University of Pretoria where you can download some articles too. This link will open in a new window.

The "Huisgenoot" magazine is certainly THE oldest family magazine in South Africa. These pics come from the magazines which I found on TUKKIES (University of Pretoria) website. I myself have got a few of these old Huisgenoot mags, but they are in bits! I've got a few complete pages and others are half pages and bits...and...pieces....I think my oldest one dated 1932.(all in SA packed away) In our family, I was always the one that liked the old history stuff and wanted to keep all kinds of precious, (well to me) historical "artifacts" safe. I hated History as a subject at school when I had to study and learn for exams, but love to read about it and visit historical places and museums. In my last two years of study, I had an optional "subject", called Museum studies. We visited every Thursday a museum in the city....or near the city...we were only about 15 students...my History tutor was really an interesting man. He joined us on all those trips and could come up with the most amazing facts about Pretoria and you were like..."oh my....gosh...I didn't know that! and I do live here!"...your jaws dropped every minute he was talking...anyway...those trips were just big fun...the Post Office museum...which is not in Pretoria anymore, but in Cape Town....was the biggest fun...we played like 10-year old kids with everything, about the only museum where we were allowed to touch everything...we made phone calls to one another with the old phones and sent messages with the morse code machine...that was great fun! We had to hand in a folder with information about every visit and museum by the end....and....I still have mine! ...I couldn't throw away such precious articles and photos/post cards/information/leaflets/notes ...etc.

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