19 Sep 2007

Boylston chess

Sammour-Hasbun - Smith after 19.Bxa6
White seeks to undermine Black's control of d5.If 19...Bxa6, then 20.g5

Boylston Chess Club Weblog

I was really surprised to find my blog linked to Boylston Chess Club and feel honoured! I think this site is really a good site and very extensive....a must to check out...and there are a lot of good links on the blog...sorry, my Tufa waterfall has to wait a bit...

Have a great day!

‘n Volk wat sy verlede voortdurend voor hou, en ‘n volk wat sy helde eer, is ‘n gesonde volk.
Mag dit ook van die Boere-
Afrikaners van ons dag gesê word.

A nation looking back constantly at its history and a nation honouring its heroes, is a healthy nation. May it be said from the Boer-Afrikaner nation!


  1. Hi Nikita1,

    I like to follow a "give a link, get a link" policy at BCC Weblog (at least until it becomes completely unmanageable).

    Blogs that link to me that aren't primarily chess related, I categorize as "Kibitzers."

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Regards, DG

  2. hi dg...I actually saw it that way...:)) tks anyway....i was just surprised to see it there anyway...and tks for the link...