21 Sep 2007

Why do people behave so badly?

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This is a very good question I've asked myself a couple of times whilst travelling on the tube....there are of course a couple of good reasons we all know. Lack of social skills the very first reason, how I reason of course. More importantly, the "can't be bothered" (or is it the "can't be bovvered") attitude...by parents not to raise their children properly, as well as adults having the attitude...it's like a snowball, it gathers snow while rolling down the hill ....or like a cycle...it never stops...somewhere someone should take responsibility to break the cycle...My question I want to put forward to the Government, not that I'm the one to tell them what to do! but just something to go and think about....why not spending more money on Education and have a "parents course" for all youngsters wanting to leave school after they've finished with GCSE's. It should be a one year course...compulsory....otherwise, they have to continue with A-levels. Too many young girls leave to have babies to get that support from the Government without having a clue how to raise a child properly. They are kids themselves having kids! I travelled by bus 2 days ago...something I do very rarely....and two young girls, about 16/17 got on with their children, each girl 2 kiddies, age about 8 months and 1 1/2 years.....the way they treated the children were really horrible...you can see they only got the kids to get the support not having the responsibility of a proper work, the same time they actually want their freedom and not the attachment of a child! Well, I guess it happens in other countries too, but I don't know of any other country that "pay" the young girls to get babies!!

This article comes from the latest issue of the The Londoner ...October 2007.

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