19 Sep 2007

Blaming Britain!

Last night on the news...BBC....there was a news bulletin about the situation in Zimbabwe....I really get very, very upset when I watch news and see what's going on in Zimbabwe, for the ONLY reason: I BLAME BRITAIN!! Yes, the country I reside in, I BLAME the British Government of 1980, so the USA too....!! And I still blame them, they have the power to do something now!!! If you can remind yourself what lovely country Zimbabwe was like...was like. The years before 1980. Although it was ruled by Ian Smith...a white man...btw...I am not a racist...I hate seeing people suffering.....I hate seeing beauty destroyed! .......Everything ran smoothly in the country, all people had a good living, there was enough food for everyone, they even exported to other countries....but, it is sad to know that such a wonderful country has gone DOWN! And...let me tell you, if the white South Africans (the few that's left) in South Africa are not going to stay put....the same will happen in 20-30 years....It is true what you will read on the links I've given you here to follow up, only upsetting to read it and realise that what I read there, sounds like I was reading about South Africa! Follow the link..."more reading" to read where the following two quotes are from.

On several occasions, President Mugabe has declared: “The epicentre of hell is Britain, and the Queen or King in power at the moment is the devil!” Rev. Arthur Lewis comments: “It is ironic that Mugabe should spew such hatred against the country that, for all practical purposes, installed him into power and even today continues to offer Zimbabwe so much practical help.”

Over 4 million Zimbabweans have fled the country. It is reported that 1.1 million Zimbabweans are now living in the United Kingdom. According to SAPA, 500,000 health professionals, teachers, accountants, scientists and engineers have left Zimbabwe. This massive brain drain of the most qualified Zimbabweans, particularly in the health and education sectors, undermines any possibility of reversing the catastrophic collapse of Zimbabwe's economy"
Does it sound familiar??

Read here the article about Zimbabwe in Wikipedia.

"The British government requested United Nations economic sanctions against Rhodesia as negotiations with the Smith administration in 1966 and 1968 ended in stalemate."
"Independence (1980)
Lord Soames was appointed governor to oversee the disarming of revolutionary guerrillas, the holding of elections, and the granting of independence to an uneasy coalition government with Joshua Nkomo, head of ZAPU. In the free elections of February 1980, Mugabe and his ZANU won a landslide victory. Mugabe has won re-election ever since."

More reading on Zimbabwe here...upsetting...
Zimbabwe's Precarious survival.


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