30 Sep 2007

Sweet People...music file

This is the music of Sweet People, one of my many favourites!! Enjoy!


  1. bonjour de belgique !


  2. I have just one track of their music, "And The Birds Were Singing" on a CD entitled The Best Instrumental Album Ever - Sweet! Other tracks on this CD include Villa Rides, Dolannes Melodie, Music Box Dancer, Balade Pour Adeline, Cavatina to mention a few. I think there was also a Vol. 2 which I did not get, as the first one was not repeatable. As this CD is from EMI, I'm not sure if its available outside South Africa.

  3. A friend introduced me to their music and I've thought it is the "sweetest" music! I've got the album which you can see the cover of...really relaxing, soothing music! :)