4 Sep 2007

Mexico...World Chess Championship 2007

Mexico city hosts for the first time a World Chess Championship
7 days to go!!

Following the historic reunification match between bulgarian champion Veselin Topalov and russian new weltmeister Vladimir Kramnik in late october 2006, the forthcoming FIDE World Chess Championship scheduled to be held in Mexico city in september 2007 will prove whether Grand Master Kramnik is strong enough to defend again his title, this time facing 7 of the best players from around the globe.
Three of these seven players have already qualified to face Mr. Kramnik in this prestigious tournament: the indian chess grandmaster and also former FIDE world champion Viswanathan Anand better known as the "Tiger of Madras" for his speed and accuracy in the attack; the russian Pyotr Svidler (also spelled Peter) a very precise player who happens to be also a cricket fan and a very articulated english speaker; and then is Alexander Morozevich, perhaps one of the most unpredictable and creative players with remarkable results but lacking stability, he even does not consider chess to be his true profession: "Chess is not my calling, but only a temporary occupation, one of the methods to develop my intellect," he once said but surely will pose a serious threat to all the opponents who will have to meet him on the board.
All info and pics from the official site...Mexico....follow the link!
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