8 Sep 2007


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This article about South Africa was in Yesterday's Metro ....the free newspaper that's available for travellers on the tubes in London....
There was a double page promotional article about South Africa and I do agree with the headline saying..."still full of surprises"... Click on the picture for a larger view to read it properly...

I really thought that I know my country, but with our holiday of 3 weeks during August, I discovered a part...and I grew up very close to that part! that was full of surprises to myself. See my blog posts during end of August/early September for pictures and I'm still sorting some of them out to blog even more of them.
The part which was "full of surprises"...was the Swadini area! I used to travel a lot - when I was a child - to Bourke's Luck...the Potholes, Graskop, Sabie, Orpen Gate to the Kruger National Park or Paul Kruger Gate...Lower Sabie...Pilgrims Rest...etc...but never as far as Swadini! That was really an experience! Up to now, I've even never been to Hoedspruit! What a shame! During our holiday trip we were forced to go there one night to see a doctor...that was it! I've been to Nelspruit ..ONCE! (I shouldn't have said that...that is also a shame!)...and to Phalaborwa...ONCE...because my first boyfriend was in 7SAI there! I can remember Phalaborwa as a beautiful town....hot....and ate fresh baked bread there with a friend...I've been to Tzaneen...ONCE...to a resort..can't remember the name of the resort...but can remember we travelled for hours to get there...I said back then that I don't want to go there again, because it felt like travelling half a day...but I was a kid of 13...! So, perhaps it isn't that far...For people reading here, not knowing what part I'm talking about...this is Mpumalanga! That name means..."place of the rising sun"...in other words...Eastern part of the country...the best part of the country...! The Drakensberg Mountains start in the North, Mpumalanga-country...and it snakes to the south of the country....FAR down...stretching as far as you go....the highest peak is Mount Aux Sources, I have already posted pictures about it...so have a look/search on my blog about the Drakensberg mountains, there is even a movie which you can watch...enjoy!


  1. flats8.9.07

    hi nikita,so far,so good on your blog(I didnt realise you were biligual!)

    best wishes

  2. LOL!! yes i am...know a bit of Northern Sotho too! and discovered the holiday i know a few words in Zulu!! Always thought it was Shangaan! haha..