9 Sep 2007


Castlegrande, (nickname) a chess player on the site where I play chess...link somewhere on my blog...lives in Texas. He is really one of the players I do enjoy to play and I think we're playing now for more than a year! He's a great photographer! Since I like photography too...although my pictures are really rubbish comparing to his pictures!....he's always sharing some of his photos with me and it is great to see his "art".....The town where he lives is Carrollton. According to these pictures, from the town's website,it looks pretty much like a Pretoria-suburb. He's a primary school teacher, teacing Science and he says he loves teaching in Texas!! (bubble bubble bubble...)Like all other countries, teachers there are also working pretty hard and paperwork and meetings are just as annoying as somewhere else, but, I guess it is part of school, all the "paperwork", so shall we stop "complaining"....NO!!...The Government is also busy with their "no-child-left-behind"-project in America, while in the UK they have "every-child-matters"! All countries surely want the best for every child, but of course, it can't happen if you do not have parents' support! ....and of course...children willing to achieve!

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