13 Sep 2007

Water organ

This water organ makes me wonder if the water organ at Lake Centurion still operates! I spent many a night there listening and watching! And Jo'burg's?

A little while ago, I was saying on my blog that I want to lose weight! Well, I haven't started with a diet...I never can...the moment when I say I diet...then I wanna eat 10 times more...so I don't say I'm on a diet..I just eat less...and this morning...the scale has told me...that I 've lost 2 kg's the past two days! I couldn't believe my eyes..so I took the scale downstairs...in different places...upstairs...bathroom, corridor...still the same! So!! I think I'm smart! hahaha...I don't weigh myself everyday, but I do know that I weighed 2 more 2 days ago than this morning!

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