8 Sep 2007


I changed this pic with PAIN.NET (a software program to enhance pictures...you can get it for free...or donate...link at the bottom of my blog). Paint.net is a fantastic program and I can truly recommend it! Anyway...I've thought this pic looks quite OK and was looking for a poem to go with it. I love writing poems, stories, but have more time for poems, it is short and you don't have to have loads of time to write one, just the flowing thoughts! Ek het 'n paar Afrikaans gedigte op 'n website, maar dis niks om oor huistoe te skryf nie! Glad nie uitstaande werke nie. Daar is vyf gedigte, maar die website word nie meer op datum gehou nie, wat 'n jammerte.
I like this poem, but not Rum! I like Cape Velvet though....

... And A Bottle Of Rum

The Caribbean night was black like magic

and in the lamplight I saw myself

in the eye of a lizard, as it was chewing an insect

to the beat of a distant drum,

hey-ho! and a bottle of rum.

And the rainforest shined like Zion,

or so the Rastaman’s livity was telling me,

in the shape of the conquering Lion,

and through the holy smoke I saw my fate:

Haile Selassie in my redemption hum,

hey-ho! and a bottle of rum.

But as I was gazing at the misty sky

in awe my visions grew wilder

and my soul was lifted high,

charting the flight of the bat,

foreseeing dreams yet to come,

hey-ho! and a bottle of rum.

Niko Tiliopoulos

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