8 Sep 2007


I was on the tube yesterday...on my way to Uxbridge, on the Piccadilly line. For people not knowing London, there are different lines, they all have "names" and the Piccadilly line is also the line you get from Heathrow...but it splits at Acton town. From Acton town you can either go into London, or take the Piccadilly line to Uxbridge/Hillingdon. For me to go to Uxbridge, I had to travel to Acton from where we live, near Heathrow, got off and there changed to go to Uxbridge. If you travel early in the morning, like I used to do, the time before 7, then it could be very frustrating near Acton town, because the depot (one of the depots) is at Northfields, which is on the way to Acton. Sometimes you get delays and then it's because of the depot being a bit busy....so, if you have to travel to London early, you know to leave about 20 min earlier, for those delays...that might occur...
What I was about to say...there was a man sitting opposite me, reading this book...see the picture. I sat there, fascinated by the cover, wondering what the book was about....I couldn't read anything apart from the title and the author's name...this man was quite "reserved" about the book..it is funny to travel by train in and about London...you are not suppose to look other people straight in the eye...not that they will bite you..but there's just "unwritten rules"!
I like to watch people, even on the trains...very interesting...you do get people looking YOU in the eyes...I don't mind...tells me that person is more human than others...hahaha... also, if somebody reads, you DO NOT read with him! It is so funny, to see what people are doing when "next door" is reading a newspaper...those eyes...some are so curious to see what is in the newspaper, they can't help themselves...some readers don't mind, but SOME people will move position in a very annoyed way...body language!! I had people once or twice reading with me the paper...just a headline or a short article...I don't mind...I do that sometimes myself!
What I don't like on the tube....people piling up their luggage on a seat and then expect you to stand! I would go and ask politely to sit down...I mean...I pay for my seat! Also, people having their lunch/breakfast on the train and then leave their rubbish right there! Yuck! Bad manners...they don't have mums....or parents...that could educate them properly, so let's feel sorry for them...And...those who fall asleep...on your shoulder!!! And...start snoring....geeee worse...that's the fastest I change position every now and then....
To come back to the reader...here on Amazon,you can read a view reviews of the book, I think the men will like it...I like speeding with the car, but only in South Africa, Pretoria, where the streets are wide and there's enough lanes for other people too...don't tell on me!

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